“It Kruswetter” Pavilion

We proudly welcome you to our new Pavilion that we took into use June 25th 2014.It is a beautiful hexagon building, with the looks of a Frisian farmhouse surrounded by covered terrace. Which always allows you to find a sheltered spot where you can look into our extensive menu.

By using a lot of glass in the construction, you can still enjoy the scenery even when inside.

With a completely new kitchen, good sanitary facilities and 100m2 of inside space, we also offer you the possibility to celebrate your party with us.

What is better then Grandpa and Grandma sitting out on the terrace, overlooking the waterfront where the children are out catching fish, and the grandchildren are having fun on the playground, kayaking or going for a swim in the Frentsjerterfaert.

Please feel free to contact us through the contact form, or just come by and visit us.

On the right you will some photos of our new building.