Easterlittens is a small town, located on a Terp ( a man-made hill) in between the cities of Franeker, Leeuwarden, Sneek and Bolsward. The main roads, Leeuwarden-Bolsward and Daersum-Franeker are only a stones throw away from the town, which makes it easily accessible in case you want to go out shopping for a day.Due to Easterlittens unique location on the crossing of the Franeker- and Bolswardertrekvaart, it is a great location for boating, and the recreational MiddelseerĂște runs through town.

The local municipality Littenseradiel, to which Easterlittens belongs, is made up out of 29 villages, and has a population of ± 11.000 people.

Easterlittens itself currently has a population of roughly 470 people.

In the town of Winsum, which is 2,5 kilometers away from the campsite, you will find a supermarket and a bakery.